"People that think they knows everything , but the fact is they know nuts. They act as an magic inspector that catch 'secrets' of a magicians. They are stupid and selfish." - Chris.C

“Hustler” is a word that magicians use to term people who are born not to enjoy the art of magic. Hustlers are people who just want to destroy magic and expose them. They simply do not accept the fact that magic is entertainment. They automatically switched to “fool” mode whenever a magician approaches them with good intention to entertain. 

They say, “Alright, I would like to see a trick or two. Let’s see how good you are.” but in their mind they are saying, “Screw you, you think you can fool me. I don’t believe in magic.” They fold their arms and watch the magician perform, and then the famous line comes out from their mouth,

“Ah, I know how that is done. What you did was… It is an easy trick.”
Magicians have little respect for such people. Hustlers destroy the magic for people who are entertained by it. 
They walk around with a big ego saying, “I know everything. I won’t be fooled by magic. I am not stupid.” However, all the blame does not go to the hustlers. Maybe what caused them to act such a way is that they have experienced some magicians who poked fun at them and made them feel stupid. So part of the blame goes to those magicians who do not truly understand the art of magic.

If you do not enjoy magic, please do not destroy the enjoyment for those who do.