What’s the point of a magician? He comes on, he fools you, you feel stupid, show’s over. – Jerry Seinfeld.

 When you see magic, you will laugh, you will smile, you will be amazed, you will be moved and you may even shed a tear or two. But you will never see tricks. Magicians who truly understand the core and foundation of the art of magic will never seek to fool the audience. They will treat their audience with a sense of respect and value and never will they desire to poke corny jokes at their audience. 

True magicians will have one common goal in mind and heart, that is to entertain their audience and giving them a magical moment which they will appreciate and remember the rest of their life. The entertainer would never desire to make his audience feel cheated and stupid. 

The magician who shows tricks and fools his audience is no magician but merely a trickster and charlatan.

 So Jerry Seinfeld, you are so wrong.

*this post is not originally written by Chris Cheong.