Disclaimer Statement - a phrase used to indicate the statement explaining the kind of agreement a web site visitor and website owner have as well how information is collected from a web site visitor and in what way it is used.

General Statement
This website is for informational use only. Its intent is to provide details of the services that I offer as well as give customers the ability to contact me and to know what are the things that I do.

Out-bound Links
Out-bound links (links to third-party websites) included on this website are provided as information for the use and convenience of site visitors at their own discretion. The appearance of a link on any web page of this website does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by me of the third-party website linked to, nor should a link to a third-party website be in any way interpreted to imply that the site referenced has any relationship with me. Therefore I am not liable for any damages or harm potentially caused or as a result of third parties I have linked to.

Take note that Chris Cheong Magic :: Beyond Beliefs is a projects hosted and manage by Chris Cheong.This is solely an independent project and brand. I do not represent any magic club or society at my shows and performances and I do not use other brand names or other individual's name to sell me or my services.

The mentions of any company's name, person's name, product's name, event's name or those of the like does not constitute an endorsement from them or by me in any way. The mentions are just for informational use only. If any one does not wish to have his or her company or name mentioned in my website, please contact me and I will remove them immediately.

The pictures contained in this website are for promotional use only. The pictures were taken for the usage of this website only and serve no other purposes. If your picture appears in this website and you do not want it to be there, please contact me and I will remove it as soon as I read your email or get your call.

Changes to the Disclaimer Statement
This document may have changes occur to it at any time. It is strictly the responsibility of the user to keep himself or herself up to date with what may be written in this document at any given moment. At any time I have the right to make any changes to this document I deem suitable.