Here are some of my signature and favourite effects that you will see me performing at your events:

Things that i do involves every days object such as coins,forks,wallet,shoelace,tie, etc. There is no fancy magic shop props. 

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Metal Bending - I visually bend the tines,neck of the fork and spoons with the power of the mind. 

This effect remains to be talking about years after the performances.

"I am speechless. Have never seen anything like that before." YB Senator Dato Sri Idris Jala(Minister in Prime Minister office.)

"He bended the fork and spoons with his mind!I still cant believe it" - Zaini Maatan( TM Melaka States General Manager)

With a little consentration, i can levitate and float up almost anything. With the sleight of mind.

"More than magic!I have never seen this before!" - James S.L Yong(Director of Cisco System Pte. Ltd)

Mind Messing 
This is what makes me unique. I am trained to blend magic with mentalism. Mind reading, mental erasing, doing things with the power of mind.

"Never thought anyone can mess with my mind!" Dr.Rodwin

The Money Thing 

I can do some truly amazing things with bank notes.Borrowed bank notes,no magic shop props here! Right in front of your eyes, you will witness the impossible! I will visibly transform your bank note to one of a different value, or into one of a different currency or even split a RM10 note into 2 RM5 notes or a RM20 to Rm10's.
I can even tear one up have you examine it and then restore it.   All this, right in front of your eyes!

Playing Cards

Signed cards, shuffled into the pack, will appear in all sorts of mind-boggling places - in a wallet that you were holding, in my mouth, under spectator watch, on the ceiling, the other side of a glass window, and even folded up neatly in my shoe!
In other effects, cards visually transform to other cards, poker and cheating demonstrations, mind reading with cards, you name it, I can do it with a pack of cards.

One of my personal favourites is where, as a hole punched into your signed card moves around the card and then jumps to another card

The above tricks and effects are just a small selection of my favourite magic effects, but there are many, many more. I've never actually counted how many I know, perhaps hundreds! perhaps more, each totally mind boggling and totally inexplicable.

After well over years of practicing and playing with magical and psychological  ideas and concepts, my knowledge has become so expansive that if you would like me to tailor my act to suit your requirements, just let me know and I'll do my very best to help.

Let your imagination run wild! You tailor the magic for your event! Pre-request any magical effect that you might have seen on tv,online videos or perhaps in dreams that you would like me performing it in your event!

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