Just like any performance art, it takes many years and hundreds of hours of performance and practice to get really good at close up magic. However, the real secrets of good performance are not as readily available as those of, for example, playing the piano.

Although there is some exceptional instructional material available on the market, there is still more of very poor quality. Often the material is insufficiently road-tested and not even produced by magicians who work in the real world for real people. It's very easy for the dedicated student to waste countless hours following dead ends.

My magic courses aims to establish correct principals from the outset and build firm foundations for the successful performance of our craft. His lessons are suitable for beginners.

Course Content:

My lessons are tailored to the student. However, course material is likely to involve all or some of the following depending upon the needs of the individual:

-Principals of Close-Up Magic
-Card Magic
-Magic with Coins and Money
-Magic with borrowed objects
-Professional Scripting and Patter
-General Performance Skills
-Audience Management

Lesson Prices:

Lessons are charged at RM1000.00 for the whole courses. Course contained once a week for a month. 2hours every lesson. At the end of the courses, you will receive a guide book and Dvd for future practice purposes.

Contact me directly to discuss how personal magic tuition could help you raise your social,presentation and confidence skills to the next level.